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What are the benefits of diversity training?

Research suggests organisations of all sizes across all sectors can benefit from diversity training if facilitated appropriately. Below are some ways diversity training could add value to your organisation’s operations:

Staff may understand each other better
Diversity training can allow employees to better understand colleagues who are different to them. Generally, physical attributes are the most recognisable differences among people, but there is much more to diversity. Diversity dimensions such as income, educational background, and even recreational habits can have an effect on the culture of an organisation. If all employees better understand each other and work well together, it is likely new ideas will surface.

Diversity Training can increase productivity and profitability
The aims and objectives of organisations can significantly differ depending on its market or sector. Diversity training can be utilised to create or develop positive effects throughout an organisation. It has been found that organisations with diverse employee populations are more innovative and creative, understand their customers better, have higher staff retention, have improved recruitment opportunities, and have higher morale. All of which have the capacity to develop the productivity and profitability.

Diversity Training can lessen prejudice
Learning about your colleagues and staff can lessen prejudice within your organisation, but this isn’t always addressed in diversity training. Firstly, diversity training should allows participants to reflect on their past, and facilitate a safe space. Secondly, diversity training sometimes only focuses on current issues and legislative compliance. There needs to be a balance of both, or the training may not have the desired effect for the organisation.

Diversity Training may increase emotional intelligence among staff
Emotional intelligence can be developed among participants by offering time to reflect and providing tools and techniques to understand the perspectives and journeys of others. Good diversity training will be facilitated in a way that gives time for participants to listen to one another. Emotional intelligence is a set of skills  that doesn’t come naturally to everybody, but diversity training is an activity that can remind people to consider the differences of others.

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